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Conversation with Large and Informed Buyer

Posted in Uncategorized by Stock Photo License on February 16, 2009
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Recently we had a conversation with a large and very informed buyer.  We wanted to pass along these nuggets of wisdom and knowledge (these are shorthand notes to help you the reader):


Looking for more diversity with university and middle school students.  For school kids, they need different types of schools…urban, public, etc and avoid trendy clothes and looks if they take off uniforms.


Need plenty of older and younger, not a lot in the middle.


Wood working class was too posed, and needed to have safety gear.


Too many posed shots and not enough looking like they where engaged.


School kids form other cultures like South America.


Looking for more disabled, not just the elderly, but all types of disabilities with them doing every day things (not focused on the disability).


Native Americans living in every day life with demographics in keywords


Need more photos with minorities in them and to be keyworded with the word ‘minority’ because this is a popular search term.


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  1. mezalem said,

    when taking photos of group of school kids, who should sign the model release ?….all of them, a teacher….?

  2. cutcaster said,

    you need to get a signature from each person who has a recognizable face and if they are under 18 you need an adult supervisors signature or their parents i believe.

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